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Casa das Chaves da Falagueira has been present in Portugal since 1965. It was born from the passion of its founder for products related to keys, locks and the most diverse security articles.
Casa das Chaves da Falagueira is a distributor of Silca, Potent and Vicuña in Portugal. It has always been a pioneering and pioneering company in the key sector. We are distributors of auto material, garage controls, batteries and various safety articles.
The focus of the company is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, through the quality and safety that our team provides throughout the national and international market.
Our corporate behavior is to create value for society as a whole, generating synergies in the economic, social and environmental dimensions, contributing to the construction of a more prosperous, safer and more solidary society.
CCF has a full team of professionals including a large commercial team that is present throughout the country prepared to respond to all the needs of our clients, in order to offer solutions tailored to each case.

Mission: Close to you, with the confidence of a team that helps you find solutions for all your needs. Our mission is to maintain the trust of our customers on a daily basis, always seeking to innovate in order to create value.

Vision: Our future commitment is to continually adjust to the new requirements of Quality of the market, always maintaining this spirit of continuous improvement.

Values: Casa das Chaves da Falagueira is based since its origin in 3 pillars: Confidence | Credibility | Reliability.

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Rua Serra das Umbelinas, 7G
1675-088 Pontinha - Odivelas
(Antiga Estrada da Paiã)
Zona Industrial


(+351) 214 936 430
Chamada para a rede fixa nacional
(+351) 214 938 425
Chamada para a rede fixa nacional

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